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This page displays the schedule for the Topology Seminar at the Mathematical Institute and the Hausdorff Institute.

The seminar takes place on tuesdays in seminar room 1.008 at the Mathematical Institute, Endenicher Allee 60, from 5 to 6 pm. Tea and cookies will be served in the Hausdorff space right before the seminar at 4:30 pm.
The program of previous semesters is here. If you interested in giving a talk please contact the organiser.

SS 2017

  • April 18th 2017
    no seminar
  • April 25th 2017
    CHRISTOPH WINGES (MPIM, Bonn): Automorphisms of manifolds and the Farrell-Jones conjectures
  • May 2nd 2017
    JOHANNES EBERT (WWU Münster): The positive scalar curvature cobordism category
  • May 9th 2017
    MARTIN PALMER (Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn): Twisted homological stability and homological representations of braid groups
  • May 16th 2017
    SEAN TILSON (Bergische Universität Wuppertal): Squaring operations in the Motivic and C_2-equivariant Adams spectral sequence
  • May 23rd 2017
    AKHIL MATHEW (Harvard University, Cambridge, USA): Nonconnective simplicial commutative rings
  • May 30th 2017
    IAN HAMBLETON (McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada): Group actions on rational homology 3-spheres
  • June 6th 2017
    no seminar (Pentecost)
  • June 13th 2017
    MARC STEPHAN (UBC, Vancouver, Canada): Free (Z/p)^n-actions and p-DG modules
  • June 20th 2017
    no seminar
  • June 27th 2017
    DREW HEARD (Universität Hamburg): Ascent for stratifications
  • July 4th 2017
    GEORGIOS RAPTIS (Universität Regensburg): Devissage theorems in K-theory
  • July 11th 2017, 16:30 (note the unsual time!)
    CHRISTIAN AUSONI (Université Paris 13, France): On the topological Hochschild homology of E(2)
  • July 18th 2017
    PETER ARNDT (Heinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf): Motivic Homotopy Theory over deeper bases
  • July 25th 2017
    TOBIAS BARTHEL (Københavns Universitet, Denmark): The boundary of chromatic homotopy theory