Andrea Bianchi

I am no longer employed at the University of Bonn. Here is my new website.

Foto Bianchi


In the summer term 2020 I was a postdoc at the University of Bonn in the research group of Carl-Friedrich Bödigheimer. Previously I was a PhD student under Prof. Bödigheimer's supervision.
During my PhD I have worked on several problems related to configuration spaces of surfaces and braid groups. My PhD thesis deals with Hurwitz spaces and how they approximate the homotopy type of moduli spaces of Riemann surfaces.
Here you find the slides of my PhD defence
Here you find my PhD thesis
Since October 2020 I am a postdoc at the University of Copenhagen.


During the summer semester 2020 I have organed a graduate seminar on Operads in Algebra and Topology together with Florian Kranhold.