Dr. Koen van den Dungen

Research interests
Noncommutative geometry and unbounded KK-theory, in particular with applications to:
  • the study of Fredholm operators, spectral flow, and index theory;
  • (classical and quantum) gauge theories and Lorentzian geometry.

Sommersemester 2021:
  • Lecture course 'Selected Topics in Analysis': Noncommutative Spaces: Overview
  • Assistent Analysis II
Wintersemester 2020-2021:
  • Hauptseminar / Graduate Seminar on Global Analysis (with Matthias Lesch): Dirac Operators and Spin Geometry: Overview
    Note: this seminar is already full.
  • Assistent Analysis I: Details
Sommersemester 2020:
  • Hauptseminar / Graduate Seminar on Global Analysis (with Matteo Costantini and Matthias Lesch): Differential forms and characteristic classes: Overview
  • Assistent Lineare Algebra II: Details
Wintersemester 2019-2020:
Sommersemester 2019:
  • Lecture course 'Selected Topics in Analysis': Noncommutative Geometry: Overview
Wintersemester 2018-2019:
  • Graduate Seminar on Global Analysis: Introduction to C*-algebras: Overview

(See also: ORCID, SCOPUS, arXiv, Google Scholar.)
2020: Localisations of half-closed modules and the unbounded Kasparov product. (arXiv:2006.10616)
2020: The APS-index and the spectral flow (with Lennart Ronge). (arXiv:2004.01085)
2020: Homotopy equivalence in unbounded KK-theory (with Bram Mesland). Annals of K-theory 5 (2020), 501-537. (doi, arXiv)
2020: The Kasparov product on submersions of open manifolds. Journal of Topology and Analysis, published online. (doi, arXiv)
2019: The index of generalised Dirac-Schrödinger operators. Journal of Spectral Theory 9 (2019), 1459-1506. (doi, arXiv)
2019: Addendum to: Indefinite Kasparov modules and pseudo-Riemannian manifolds. Annales Henri Poincaré 20 (2019), 3007-3017. (doi, arXiv)
2019: A perspective from (unbounded) KK-theory. Appendix to: The spectral flow of a family of Toeplitz operators (by Maxim Braverman). Letters in Mathematical Physics 109 (2019), 2271-2289. (doi, arXiv)
2018: Locally bounded perturbations and (odd) unbounded KK-theory. Journal of Noncommutative Geometry 12 (2018), 1445-1467. (doi, arXiv)
2018: Families of spectral triples and foliations of space(time). Journal of Mathematical Physics 59 (2018), 063507. (doi, arXiv)
2016: Indefinite Kasparov modules and pseudo-Riemannian manifolds (with Adam Rennie). Annales Henri Poincaré 17 (2016), 3255-3286. (doi, arXiv)
2016: Krein spectral triples and the fermionic action. Mathematical Physics, Analysis and Geometry 19:4 (2016). (doi, arXiv)
2014: On globally non-trivial almost-commutative manifolds (with Jord Boeijink). Journal of Mathematical Physics 55, 103508 (2014). (doi, arXiv)
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2015: Lorentzian geometry and physics in Kasparov's theory (link), Ph.D. thesis in Mathematical Sciences, The Australian National University (supervisor: Adam Rennie).
2011: The Structure of Gauge Theories in Almost Commutative Geometries (link), Master's thesis in Physics & Astronomy, Radboud University Nijmegen (supervisor: Walter D. van Suijlekom).

Contact: kdungen@uni-bonn.de
Office: Room 1.032, Mathematical Institute (Endenicher Allee 60)