Pavel Zorin-Kranich

Curriculum vitae


Pavel Zorin-Kranich

I am a postdoc at the University of Bonn.

pzorin at math dot uni-bonn dot de


Summer term 2017
V5B8: Selected Topics in Analysis - Weighted inequalities
Winter term 2015/16
V5B7 - Multiple recurrence
Summer term 2015
S1G1 - Zahlen und Spiele


Square functions for directional operators on the plane, with S. Guo, F. di Plinio, C. Thiele.




Bibretrieve is an Emacs library for searching and downloading BibTeX entries from the web (Math reviews, Zentralblatt, arXiv, etc.).

BibLaTeX-MR is a LaTeX package that adds links to MathSciNet to default BibLaTeX styles (tested with the "alphabetic" style from BibLaTeX 2.5).

Git, LaTeX, and diff

It is possible to render differences between two versions of a LaTeX document checked into Git directly into PDF. Install the tool latexdiff, put this script somewhere in your $PATH, and add the lines

        ldiff = difftool -t git-latexdiff
to your .gitconfig in order to enjoy calling something like
git ldiff HEAD~1 HEAD paper.tex
to compare the last two versions of your document.

Follow the LaTeX Commandments

Perl one-liner that replaces double dollars by LaTeX commands in place (leaving a backup file): perl -p -i'.backup' -e 's{\$\$}{++$n % 2 ? "\\\[" : "\\\]"}ge' input.tex

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