Michael Stahlhauer

Foto Mathematical Institute
Endenicher Allee 60
53111 Bonn
Office 4.017
stahlhau (at) math.uni-bonn.de

Research Interests

I am a second year PhD-student of Stefan Schwede. I am interested in stable homotopy theory, in particular in equivariant and global homotopy theory. For my PhD-thesis, I work on obstruction theory for multiplicative global spectra, with a focus on André-Quillen cohomology. I also am interested in the related algebra of global power (Tambara) functors.

For an overview over my project, take a look at my poster created for the BIGS poster exhibition in the summer term 2019: Poster 2019


In the summer semester 2020, I am teaching assistant for the lecture Einführung in die Geometrie und Topologie given by Markus Hausmann.


G-ring spectra and Moore spectra for β-rings, 2020. Available at the arXiv.


G-ring spectra
Master's Thesis
Universität Bonn, July 2018

Bachelor's Thesis (in German)
Universität Bonn, June 2016